Nylah Granola products

In the last few years the fad around granola has increased so much that people who wouldn’t normally touch it are becoming converts.

Do they know why?

Is it healthy for them?

How do you granola?

First, let us start with the simple question – What is granola? It’s simply a breakfast or snack food that consists of Oats, fruits, nuts, sugars, flavorings and oils.

It can be consumed in many different ways. As a breakfast cereal, snack, used in baking, parfait and smoothies. This makes it unique.

It’s loaded with fiber, iron, and vitamins (depending on the mix) and also proteins (depending on the nuts).

What makes ours so unique? We have painstakingly studied and asked ourselves, what part of the granola market do we want to focus on? We decided to target the consumers with nut allergies who love granola but don’t like the side effects of nuts. We created a granola mix that not only caters to that market but also focuses on children by loading it up with delicious fruits and flavoring it naturally (try the citrus and chocolate granola) .

Nylah’s granola is filled with fruits like, sultana raisins, raisins, lemon and oranges, apples, bananas, pineapples. It contains more vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium,Calcium

Zinc, fiber and your heart will thank you for it. 

So to answer the question – Is granola healthy? Yes

Is it good for you? Absolutely

Should i purchase Nylah’s granola? I think you absolutely should.

Don’t worry, we are coming to a store near you.

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