Our Vision

We seek to become the most trusted, most efficient and most responsive food and beverage services company across the lenghth and breadth of Nigeria vis a blend of providing services at client sites, the Nylah catering site as well as own cafes spread across the country.

Our Strategy

How we approach our business

We intend to continue and remain 100% consumer centric to achieve our vision. Our methods will be most likened to operating and delivering our services with a clear feel for the clients pulse as we anticipate the changing clime and seek to adapt at just the right time on the curve.

Our Culture
  • We are committed to process improvements via submissions from team members in real time.
  • The cient is king
  • We operate an open door policy
  • We enlist work spaces
  • We constantly seek to meet client’s needs as they arise by placing them front and centre
  • We pride ourselves in lightning quick turnaround times
  • We work hard and play hard
  • We source locally every chance we get
  • We always keep the task in focus at work and at play
  • We focus on people, food and the planet
About Our Founder


Chef Orighoye Dore holds the dual position of head chef and business owner at Nylah's .

She trained at the Culinary Arts institute in Washington DC from where she graduated with a Culinary Arts Degree in Management and Hospitality.

She is also a former member of the United States Air Force.