For Unique & High Quality Food and Beverages

We find unique ways to help cut down food wastes in all of our unique and high quality food and beverages

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Who We Are

We are women run and women owned food and beverage manufacturing company that focuses on
using indigenous ingredients to create a unique experience.

What We Do

We carefully curate food and beverages using the finest produce and raw materials.

Corporate Events

We supply food for various corporate events like meetings, conference, etc

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Event catering

Whatever the event, we can supply the right food as you want and at great price.

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Wedding Meals

We supply food for wedding events; We discuss with you about your requirements and we present our plan to you and further discuss to make sure you are happy with it.; and then just leave the rest to us.

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Home food Away from Home

We have a variety of cuisine ot get your taste bud jumping for more. You can place and order online and pickup in store

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Event Staffing

if you just require staffing for your events, rest assured we have fully qualified and experienced staff who would ensure smooth running of your event.

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Drop Off Catering

We can just supply food at your request to certain area. Please, get in touch for more details.

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Get In Touch

We have a host of food products, including our very special Granola cereals. Get in touch with us, so we can better meet your food needs.

How We Approach Our Business

We intend to continue and remain 100% consumer centric to achieve our vision. Our methods will be most likened to operating and delivering our services with a clear feel for the clients pulse as we anticipate the changing clime and seek to adapt at just the right time on the curve.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday & Monday – Closed

  • Tuesday– Friday: 9:00 am –9:00 pm

Our Culture

    • We are committed to process improvements via submissions from team members in real time.
    • The cient is king
    • We operate an open door policy
    • We enlist work spaces
    • We constantly seek to meet client’s needs as they arise by placing them front and centre
    • We pride ourselves in lightning quick turnaround times
    • We work hard and play hard
    • We source locally every chance we get
    • We always keep the task in focus at work and at play

    We focus on people, food and the planet

all granola flavours - nylahs

Granola Cereal

Check out our Granola cereal packed full with flavours. Available in 3 different Flavours – Citrus, Chocolate, and Original.
Made from finest local ingredients; High in Fibre, low in Cholesterol; Very tasty & High quality at affordable price; with an unmistakable Nylah’s crunch

No artificial flavours, no preservatives and no sweeteners.


granola 3 flavours in nylon bag packaging - nylahs

Home Food Away from Home!

We guarantee you very yummy meal and top-notch service.

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Great service and tasty food

Food is really tasty and delicious, topped up with excellent customer service. Thank you so much, Nylah's

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